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Sat May 22 22:47:09 UTC 2010

On Sat, 22.05.10 22:11, Ilyes Gouta (ilyes.gouta at wrote:

> I'd love to play with it. Is systemd stable enough to try it on Fedora 13?

Well, I guess you should really know what you do if you try that. 

That said, if you steal the libcgroup and udev version from rawhide
(which is unproblematic, as they have no further dependencies) you
should be able to compile systemd on F13 just fine. "make install"
should then set up everything for you so that you can boot with systemd
simply by passing "init=/usr/local/bin/systemd" on the kernel command
line. The glue file tarball mentioned on the blog story is not necessary

However, if you try this you won't see too many changes from the normal
F13, simply because the whole system is booted up with the same shell
scripts as always, though we start the services a little bit more in
parallel and everything is neatly sorted into its own cgroup below
/cgroup/systemd and supervised by systemd.

The necessary changes to make the system boot up fully parallelized
using socket/bus based activation the way I explained on my blog story
currently exist only ony own harddisk. I'll publish them soonishly. But
since this involves patches to various packages (10 or so) this won't be
trivial to setup.

All that said, I do run my normal machines on systemd these days. And it
is fun and works well. 


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