systemd (Was Re: tmpfs for strategic directories)

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Tue May 25 17:42:05 UTC 2010

On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 9:09 AM, Jesse Keating <jkeating at> wrote:
> Right now, it's not about speed.  Speed is one thing, and somewhat
> important.  But doing it right is also important.  Make it right, then
> make it fast, because if you try to make it fast first, you'll often be
> doing it wrong.

He offered benchmarks early in the thread and told us to be patient
.... anyways.

No its not about the "speed".  But if I'm reading the blog story
correctly, conversion from sysV to native systemd configuration should
have an observable in some sort of performance metric. I learn best
from constructing tangible pathelogical situations, watching it break,
and then poking at the twitching, smoldering pieces.

Like I said... we need to have more discussion a long the lines of
what I saw concerning how cups and other services will work in a
systemd setting. We have to have a feel for the complexity of

We'll also need to have good examples showing the sysV and inetd
compatibility at work. Not that I don't trust what was written in the
blog story, but having tangible example of a parallel installable
systemd that used the existing SySV styled init scripts as a precursor
for a serious discussion is going to go a long way at helping the
signal to noise ratio. I didn't see the systemd packages in the people
space Richard pointed to.  Can someone point me to an updated url?


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