libjpeg for F14

Roberto Ragusa mail at
Wed May 26 09:09:00 UTC 2010

Ilyes Gouta wrote:

> A merge is the most appropriate here. After all libjpeg-turbo just
> offers a set of x86 specific SSE/MMX routines such as IDCT (maybe
> huffman, but I didn't check that) that would be easily plugged into
> ijg, but doesn't change the foundations (architecture and exposed
> public API) of libjpeg.

I'm personally quite surprised to discover that libjpeg has still no
multimedia acceleration today.

The number of impacted applications is huge: photo browsers (they make
thumbnails), web browsers, ... Just loading the desktop background
can imply the decompression of a big jpeg.

And optimized IDCT code is not exactly something rare to find
around. :-)

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