systemd (Was Re: tmpfs for strategic directories)

Chris Adams cmadams at
Wed May 26 14:29:06 UTC 2010

Once upon a time, drago01 <drago01 at> said:
> On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 4:16 PM, Chris Adams <cmadams at> wrote:
> > Once upon a time, drago01 <drago01 at> said:
> >> This does make a lot of sense to me, initscripts being scripts is a
> >> major slowdown factor
> >> by itself.
> >
> > But they aren't a major slowdown factor (see the example numbers in this
> > thread).
> They are flawed, simply spawning awk multiple times and measure the
> time is not a test to compare bash to C.
> > And, if they were, any init scripts that are a problem could probably be
> > optimized and still be shell scripts (a number of sed/awk/grep calls
> > could probably be rewritten as pure bash for example).
> Which would be faster than spawing random process but still orders of
> magnitudes slower than a C program.

Where are your numbers proving this is a measurable impact?
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