systemd (Was Re: tmpfs for strategic directories)

Jeremy Sanders jeremy at
Thu May 27 07:56:23 UTC 2010

drago01 wrote:

>> I beg to differ. I've had to create or modify initscripts quite often,
>> either as a sysadmin or a packager.
> Again the sysadmin case just implies that something *else* is broken.
> Well if changing over to C does only get rid of this "disease" it
> would be enough of a gain.
> It would force broken apps to be fixed, and let admins edit
> *configuration* files and not source code.

What rubbish. For instance, we customised an early Fedora to work on a 
diskless NFS rooted system, mainly by mucking around with init scripts. 
Being able to easily edit these files made this project work and work 
quickly. Trying to get upstream to special case our particular setup 
wouldn't have happened.

You're suggesting hammering shut the insides of linux to stop people playing 
around and reducing freedom - sounds like you want Fedora to be like the 
products of other large propitiatory systems.

There is a clear case for having an open and completely configurable system. 
It's not going to cost 1 sec of bootup either.



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