Fedora Release Engineering meeting summary for 2010-05-28

Dennis Gilmore dennis at ausil.us
Fri May 28 18:07:49 UTC 2010

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Meeting summary
* roll call  (Oxf13, 17:10:10)
  * present are rdieter, dgilmore, spot, notting, and Oxf13  (Oxf13,

* Fedora 13 Release  (Oxf13, 17:13:49)
  * A spin was missed due to process breakdown, but has been generated
    and posted.  (Oxf13, 17:15:11)
  * no real schedule or process changes planned for F14  (Oxf13,
  * One process change would be using bugzilla flags for blocker
    management, needs more planning and a proposal posted.  (Oxf13,

* Blockers via Flags  (Oxf13, 17:19:30)
  * I asked dgilmore to follow up on my mailing list proposal to use
    flags to manage blockers  (Oxf13, 17:19:46)

* dist-git  (Oxf13, 17:34:57)
  * poelcat is present  (Oxf13, 17:37:53)
  * weekly reports of dist-git progress will be made  (Oxf13, 17:42:18)
  * concentrating next on getting koji to build from a dist-git repo
    (Oxf13, 17:42:31)
  * Targeting completion before F-14 branch, but may have to wait until
    post-F-14  (Oxf13, 17:42:48)

* open floor  (Oxf13, 17:42:55)

Meeting ended at 17:51:40 UTC.
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