systemd (Was Re: tmpfs for strategic directories)

Roberto Ragusa mail at
Sat May 29 17:48:00 UTC 2010

Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Jeremy Sanders wrote:
>> You're suggesting hammering shut the insides of linux to stop people
>> playing around and reducing freedom - sounds like you want Fedora to be
>> like the products of other large propitiatory systems.
> C code can be changed too, if really needed. But the point is that it should 
> not be necessary to edit code at all to get what's needed.

Well, I really do not want to flame anyone, but please consider that
the guy proposing the change already gave us pulseaudio, which promised the
"it will do anything you do now, just easier" feature too.
We then discovered that some _trivial_ things where lost:
- having multiple independent sound cards
- having control of the mixer
- having sound with no user logged in
... should I also mention latency, CPU usage, stability,...?
Come on, it took a couple of years to have a decently working audio system

Now, should I really believe that the new "compiled but it will do anything"
init system will be able to help me when ...don't know... I need to change firewalls
rules and routing rules in the middle of the init scripts, because I have a
multihomed internet connection and remote filesystems and I need the firewall
closed and then opened in a way which is dependent on the IP I got from the ISP
and I need a "sleep 5" in a proper place because the ADSL modem is still booting
its firmware and I want some output printed to /dev/tty1 during boot and I want
some filesystems to be mounted with "mount &" because they take time but only
contain data not needed to boot and .... ?

This stuff can be trivially done by a competent sysadmin with shell-based
init scripts and vi.

Linux must NOT be Windows.
Linux must NOT be OS X.

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