systemd (Was Re: tmpfs for strategic directories)

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Sat May 29 18:37:10 UTC 2010

Roberto Ragusa wrote:
> - having control of the mixer

The KMix ALSA backend is not going away.

> I need to change firewalls rules and routing rules in the middle of the
> init scripts, because I have a multihomed internet connection and remote
> filesystems and I need the firewall closed and then opened in a way which
> is dependent on the IP I got from the ISP

Ugh! Are you sure there's no better solution?!

> and I need a "sleep 5" in a proper place because the ADSL modem is still
> booting its firmware

This is a completely broken workaround for a bug somewhere. The driver needs 
to wait for the firmware to be loaded before reporting ready status, and 
network startup should not report being complete before the driver is ready. 
We need to get the bug fixed so this works out of the box for everyone! 
"sleep" is always a bad and unreliable way to do synchronization. Plus, 
you're blocking the whole system startup for 5 seconds rather than just what 
depends on networking, because neither SysVInit nor Upstart's SysVInit 
compatibility mode are capable of parallel booting (whereas systemd is, even 
in SysVInit compatibility mode thanks to LSB initscript headers, but even 
more so with native configuration which Lennart is writing).

> and I want some output printed to /dev/tty1 during boot

You can probably set up simple systemd config files for that using the 
dependency system, but… ugh!

> and I want some filesystems to be mounted with "mount &" because they take
> time but only contain data not needed to boot

This point is moot with a parallel init system such as systemd! ALL mounts 
in systemd are background tasks, and autofs magic is used to block accesses 
to mountpoints which are not ready until they become ready.

        Kevin Kofler

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