tor-lsb -- hey, look, package script, don't complain to _me_. I'm just installing you.

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Sun May 30 04:39:14 UTC 2010

So, tor- is in updates-testing for Fedora 12.

It has a subpackage, tor-lsb, which provides the standard old-style init
scripts. There's another "tor-upstart" package, which I presume does the new
thing. Maybe soon we'll get "tor-systemd". And maybe eventually Fedora will
settle on a standard here.

For the purposes of this complaint, I don't care. I do care that whenever
you install the package, it spits out this gem:

  oouch... redhat-lsb is still broken. See the report
  for details.

Which points to a bug that's CLOSED|DUPLICATE of another bug that's

So, clearly, there's some disagreement about what's fixed and what's broken.
But printing out a passive-agressive warning to end-users is not the
solution. The error message is confusing and very, very unhelpful. Worse,
it's not _meant_ to be helpful to the poor end user -- it's meant to try to
goad the other packager into action. Such things need to be taken up with
FESCO, not fought about in user-visible debug output.

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