Problem with elipse in Fedora 13

Michal Schmidt mschmidt at
Mon May 31 15:06:02 UTC 2010

On Mon, 31 May 2010 11:08:53 -0300 Casimiro de Almeida Barreto wrote:
> BTW, since I upgraded to F13 (from F12) I've had some abrtd anoying
> error messages and they're related to access to USB . It has been
> reported already but I'd like to know if someone else has had the same
> problem. Transcript follows:
> ------------[ cut here ]------------
> WARNING: at fs/fs-writeback.c:597 writeback_inodes_wb+0x202/0x30e()
> [...]

Known bug, should be fixed in the kernel in updates-testing. Give it a

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