Package review template

Jean-Francois Saucier jsaucier at
Mon Nov 1 14:32:15 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

I just put my package review template on my wiki space at :

My template is simply a collection based on other's already existing
template. What I did is I tried to put missing checks and sort them in
an order that should go well when doing a review.

My goal here is to try to produce a good review template to publicize
and help people doing package review. If you can help growing my
review template checklist or think of something to improve it, that
would be really helpful. Also, if you spot any errors or have any
comment, I will be happy to receive them.

I plan to put up some scripts to automate part of the review process
as soon as I have the time to finish them.

Thank you!

Jean-Francois Saucier (djf_jeff)
GPG key : 0xA9E6E953

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