The new Update Acceptance Criteria are broken

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Mon Nov 1 15:35:49 UTC 2010

On Sun, 31 Oct 2010 10:16:41 -0400
"Clyde E. Kunkel" <clydekunkel7734 at> wrote:

> On 10/31/2010 03:18 AM, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> > Okay, feedback time.
> >
> > Lately, there have been several attempts at urging proventesters
> > (and not just testers in general) to give positive karma for aging
> > critpath updates. It also has been decided by someone (or maybe
> > even a comittee) to spam proventesters daily with
> > "[old_testing_critpath]" messages for all three dist releases, with
> > no day to unsubscribe from that (other than leaving proventesters
> > group, which is what at least one person has threatened with, or
> > filtering those messages).

Yeah, I am not sure at all how usefull those emails are. 
There are a variety of ways to see what things need testing, sending
emails to proventesters a bunch isn't likely to be a very nice one. 

> > Dunno about other testers (and there aren't many yet), but I have
> > abandoned F-12 long ago due to lack of time when F-13 became the
> > one to use on a daily basis. And some time before F-14 Beta, my
> > desktop has been switched to boot F-14 by default. That's the only
> > opportunity to evaluate F-14 early and possibly find issues prior
> > to its release. On the contrary, most of Fedora's users will wait
> > for the final release, and many users will wait even longer. It's
> > highly likely that bugzilla can confirm that.

I've got a f12 vm that I can run command line testing easily and some
limited gui testing (vnc). 

> > F-14 is the the only way forward, and don't like to spend time on
> > F-13 and older anymore. That also applies to packagers I maintain
> > or monitor. I simply don't see the user base [target group] anymore.

It's really hard to tell I'm afraid, but I understand your feeling

I also would love some simple per-package test plans. My thought was
that our testing could start out with a very low bar, and go from
there. ie, Does it install. Does it run and display a window, etc. 
If there was a test plan page for better testing that would be great. 
If there was a way to test a specific bug that would also be great.
(several updates have included test cases in their bug that were great
to test and confirm it was fixed). 

Anyhow, I agree we should look at adjusting the f12 setup (although its
only got 1 month left), as well as look at dropping the emails to
proventesters with old testing stuff. 

Thanks for the constructive feedback Clyde and Michael. 

Specific plans for changing things for the better welcome. 

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