Detecting systems booting with GRUB2 in anaconda

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Mon Nov 1 22:00:27 UTC 2010


I was asked about problem with installing Fedora 13 on a machine
that is dual booting Windows 7 and another distro using GRUB2.

There is nothing about GRUB2 in Installation Guide
"To add, remove, or change the detected operating system settings, use the options provided."

It is not clear is anaconda capable to detect properly such distro
that uses GRUB2 and add it as additional system to Fedora GRUB menu list?

Here is e-mail  that I received about this problem:

> And Fedora has made my ubuntu installation unreachable (remember I'm a
> novice). I expected GRUB2 like behavior - list the available OSes.
> Instead I have Fedora and Other, with other pointing to Windows 7.

> > You can try to add Ubuntu to this grub.conf
> Unfortunately, it looks like I was nailed pretty good on this one.
> Though a novice, I know that fdisk -l and blockid give me a lot of
> info. So I know the Ubuntu device (/dev/sda5), but Fedora complains
> when trying to mount it ("Error mounting: wrong fs type, bad option,
> bad superblock on /dev/sda5"). Booting from a Ubuntu LiveCD is the
> same.
> fschk -f /dev/sda5 - no joy. And trying to repair the superblock by
> hand with e2fsck, dumpe2fs and friends has not helped. I think I'm too
> ignorant of the file system to correct the problems that the installer
> created.
> Perhaps you could ask the Fedora team to add a test case: Install
> Fedora on a machine that is dual booting Windows 7 and <another
> distro> using GRUB2. The results might be alarming considering I did
> not receive one warning for the operation.

Alexey Kurov <nucleo at>

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