Getting users to test updates

Henrik Nordström henrik at
Tue Nov 2 01:12:02 UTC 2010

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mån 2010-11-01 klockan 15:12 -0700 skrev Adam Williamson:

> > We also need some obvious ways where users in general can subscribe to
> > testing updates of stuff that they care about, to expand the userbase
> > that performs testing of updates. Generally running a system with
> > updates-testing always enabled is scary and not many want to take that
> > leap. But I think that if we could give users the ability to subscribe
> > to testing packages X,Y,Z of their choics and getting update & testing
> > notifications for those packages only from updates-testing would speed
> > things up considerably.
> That's also a nice idea (though it's somewhat complex given that updates
> are *actually* pushed out as sets, and a given update may be affected by
> another given update even if they don't have an explicit relationship
> through dependencies).

Not sure it's bad to expose that complexity to the package maintainers.
We do allow users to selectively update their systems.

But yes, it may be good to inform users when there is updates in any
dependencies even if not strictly required by version in the dependency.


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