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On 11/02/2010 04:10 PM, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
>>>>>> "SO" == Stanislav Ochotnicky <sochotnicky at> writes:
> SO> Recently? I haven't heard of Java-specific guideline changes for
> SO> past few months. Care to enlighten me? 
>  - J<

Wow. Whole Java SIG missed this. I'll make sure our Draft incorporates
these recent changes.

I guess it's partially my fault. Original email from Abo about packaging
draft was posted in January (I wasn't here at the time) and I just
skimmed that FPC email and missed Java guidelines changes (probably
because I wasn't expecting them at all).

FYI the [1] web correctly states that current Java guidelines are being
worked on by akurtakov (I believe I changed this some time ago but the
history for that page seems screwed up). I'll get in touch with Abo
directly, maybe he missed the SIG mails (should have done it before).


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