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Adam Jackson ajax at
Tue Nov 2 16:11:59 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-11-02 at 11:33 -0400, Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:
> On 11/01/2010 09:12 PM, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> > I am planning to push libnotify 0.7.0 into rawhide by the end of this
> > week; this is going to be a little painful, since there are some api
> > changes that will require minor adjustment of all users. And there's
> > quite a few of them (see below). I will hopefully be able to handle most
> > of the GNOME dependencies, for the rest I need to ask for some help.
> > 
> > Scratch builds of libnotify 0.7.0 rpms can be found here:
> >
> > 
> > Here is an overview of the api changes:
> > 
> > notify_notification_new_with_status_icon   is gone
> > notify_notification_attach_to_status_icon  is gone
> > notify_notification_attach_to_widget       is gone
> > notify_notification_set_geometry_hints     is gone
> > notify_notification_new                    has lost its widget argument
> Matthias, this seems like it will break the python bindings... will you
> be fixing them at the same time?

python-notify exposes only the attach_to_{status_icon,widget} methods
and implicitly exposes the new method through the constructor.  The
constructor allows you to pass a GtkWidget* as an optional named
argument, so we need only look for ctors that say attach=something.

Of the packages mentioned:


call attach_to_status_icon; coda however goes out of its way to check
that the method exists first.


call attach_to_widget; nicotine+ does so in a (non-PEP-8-conformant) try
block so it's harmless.

As far as I can tell, none of the callers to pynotify.init() pass any
named arguments, so nothing should notice the lack of attach=.  I only
searched for explicit calls to pynotify.init, if someone's doing like

    foo = pynotify
    foo.init("I'm far too clever", attach=my_bar_widget)

then they get what they deserve.

Everything else should be unaffected by any pynotify changes.

- ajax
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