Detecting systems booting with GRUB2 in anaconda

Henrik Nordström henrik at
Tue Nov 2 19:27:23 UTC 2010

tis 2010-11-02 klockan 00:32 +0200 skrev alekcejk at
> What can expect user that have system booting with GRUB2 and installing 
> Fedora? It is natural to expect that after Fedora installation will be
> bootable both systems Fedora and other distro.

As with all boot loaders it depends on where the other boot loader is
installed, and what the user selects during install.

If GRUB2 is installed in the MBR then Fedora will quite likely overwrite

If GRUB2 is installed in a partition boot block then it should easily
integrate with Fedora, but user may need to explicitly add the partition
to the boot screen during or after installation.

And some care in setting the right partition bootable is needed when
selecting to install Fedora grub in a partition boot sector to play nice
with other bootloaders, or else the other boot loader will still boot
after reboot.

Or in short words, PC partition table booting is a mess to work with.


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