bugzilla bugzappers?

Bert Desmet bert at devnox.be
Wed Nov 3 20:41:22 UTC 2010


This is something I got in my mail box today.
As I don't have a valid answer for this, maybe someone else can answer for me?

cheers, Bert

the url of the blog of the guy: http://www.krisbuytaert.be/blog/

== the mail ==

Dear Fedoracommunity,

Over the course of the day I recieved 22^3 mails from your friendly Bug Zapper.
Most of those bugs where bugs I had reported upon crashes using
bug-buddy. Bugs on different desktop tools such as .. synergy,
evolution, gwibber , gnome-settings and probably some others

I do understand that I development goes on and on .. and your fancy
devs don't care anymore about
bugs I reported on Fedora 12 as they are all hacking on Fedora 15.

But what I don't get is that non of these bugs was ever touched,
they've been automatically created , and automatically closed

<a href="http://tieguy.org/blog/2004/09/">Luis</a> already told us
ages ago .. that every project needs a bugmaster  apparently Fedora
replaced that bugmaster with a Bug Zapper.

So can someone please explain my why I should continue to try to
improve Fedora by reporting bugs ?

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