ABRT opt-out? (Re: bugzilla bugzappers?)

Jiri Moskovcak jmoskovc at redhat.com
Thu Nov 4 14:46:36 UTC 2010

On 11/04/2010 03:38 PM, Sven Lankes wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 04, 2010 at 02:21:19PM +0100, Christoph Wickert wrote:
> [Opt-out for ABRT-Reports]
>> How would you do that? A popup in ABRT that reads
>>                "Sorry, but the maintainer of this package
>>                has decided to not accept any bug reports."
> Nope.
> App X crashes and then _nothing_ happens. Just as if abrtd wasn't
> running.
> Maybe a hint in the crash-list of the abrt app that the maintainer has
> decided to not accept abrt generated bug-reports.
> I like abrt but I'd say that it should be up to the maintainer if he
> wants to use the tool or not. In particular when ignoring the reports
> sheds a bad light on the projects bug-response-quality perception.

That's how the blacklist in ABRT works right now. But since I started 
thinking about this I feel like it's not the right way, because hiding 
crashes != fixing crashes and since we have ABRT in Fedora, users expect 
to be (at least) notified about crashes, so I propose changing the 
blacklist behaviour so user is notified about the crash, but when user 
wants to report (or generate a backtrace) it will tell him something like:

      ABRT can't report a bug in this application, because it's not able 
to gather all required information. You can analyze the bug using ABRT, 
but you have to create the report manually.

or something in that sense I bet someone get make a better and more 
polite message...

Any other ideas?


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