Koji build fail for el5/el6

Tim Niemueller tim at niemueller.de
Fri Nov 5 19:04:27 UTC 2010

On 05.11.2010 14:52, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> The userdel seems unrelated to the real problem:
> DEBUG util.py:260:  No Package Found for gearbox-devel>= 9.11
Thanks, missed those. I wish it could be made more clear which state 
failed. I wonder why it says return code 0, although this failed?

> All those "No Package Found" issues need to be fixed. ;)
> Either by branching the needed packages into EPEL, or fixing the
> package to not need them or need the available versions in EPEL.
> RHEL5 is pretty old at this point, you cannot assume that something
> that works fine on fedora builds and works fine in epel.

It can be built on EL5. We have a CentOS 5 build slave building new 
revisions checked into the git master. By reducing the BuildRequires I 
can produce a basic version which allows for running the basic stuff.


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