Koji build fail for el5/el6

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Fri Nov 5 23:58:50 UTC 2010

On Fri, 05 Nov 2010 15:08:40 -0400
Tim Niemueller <tim at niemueller.de> wrote:

> Some more question related to el6:
> When will packages appear in el6? I maintain some of the dependencies 
> for el5, but they are not in el6.

They will appear when someone branches them and builds them, or when
the maintainers of the already existing branch builds them. ;) 

Basically we branched everything that was in epel5 except for those
things that will be in RHEL6. It's then up to the maintainers to build
and maintain them. 

What packages? You should be able to look in pkgdb and see if they
already have a branch or not. 

> Do I just need to build them? Will there be or should there have been
> a mass rebuild? Do I need to file a koji update?

If they aren't already branched or in rhel6, yeah, just make a scm
request on the package review for the package to branch for el6. 
If they are, ping the maintainer to do a build?

No updates are currently needed. It's in 'beta' mode, which is like
rawhide, everything pushes out every day or two. Once rhel6 comes out
we will go to bodhi/updates, etc. 

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