bugzilla bugzappers?

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 15:14:18 UTC 2010

On Sat, 6 Nov 2010 13:36:24 +0200, Alexander wrote:

> Hmm, let's switch user with maintainer?
> Have you noticed how many new tickets some maintainers receive all of a 
> sudden?

In general or because of the EOL script creating a flood? ;)

Who classifies whether an incoming bug report is important or not?
Right, the maintainer.
If a maintainer seems to ignore a bug report due to time constraints or
other factors, why should the reporter spend additional efforts on
performing retests at all?

> They may be able to pay attention to one or a few, but not all. And if 
> the fix a few and ask for additional info on the others, how likely is it that 
> there will be a response before they get their package updated and/or 
> underlying  library changes to make the bug needs retesting?
> Do you see my point now?

No. Waiting six months before asking a bug reporter to retest N bugs with
a different distribution release just doesn't fly. And if the bug reporter
retests and confirms that a bug is still reproducible, does that make
it more likely that there will be a fix? So far, it doesn't.

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