Fedora - Cold Boot Attack

Vaclav Mocek little.owl at email.cz
Sat Nov 6 23:36:58 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I have read some articles about the Cold Boot Attacks and I am 
wondering  whether my Fedora box is protected against such kinds of 
attack, at least to some extent.

I work like an Embedded SW/HW Developer and my experience is that data 
could remain in the dynamic memory for quite long time, even in the room 
temperature. I have used it successfully for debugging, when a booting 
routine after the cold reset copies some parts of memory to another 
location which could be read lately.

It would be usefull to overwrite some parts of memory (keys etc.), 
before the computer is switched off. So, my question is: Is there 
already implemented and used some kind of protection?

Vaclav M.

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