Why should I ever bother filing another bug?

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 9 00:51:10 UTC 2010

On 2010/11/08 18:01 (GMT-0500) Adam Williamson composed:

> The duping was done by Lubomir, as he was providing a patch to fix the
> problem (which is, lest we forget, what we all wanted in the first
> place). He explained his reasoning right in the comment. I don't know
> why you think it's a great idea to blow this up into a huge issue on a
> mailing list.

His explanation "useless chatter" was nothing but an excuse. There was no 
material useless chatter there. Useless chatter is complaining, advocating, 
or asking for personal support, none of which was in the original, which, 
unlike the latter, dates the origin of the problem more accurately.

Lubomir made exactly zero comments in the original prior to duping it, a 
likely indicator that he didn't bother to even look for it before duping, or 
check to see its longer history included the newer bug's content.

> A case where one other community member
> did something you disagree with while he was busy actually fixing the
> bug really doesn't qualify, IMO.

If the policy can't be clear that _reasonable_ justification is prerequisite 
to duping an older bug to a newer, and some semblance of enforcement applied, 
then I don't need to file any more bugs, or test any further. I don't see why 
many others would either, or why triagers would waste their time.
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