Ubuntu moving towards Wayland

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Tue Nov 9 22:40:28 UTC 2010

Le mardi 09 novembre 2010 à 14:19 -0500, Adam Jackson a écrit :

> When I say "vnc-like" I mean "let's scrape the pixels out of the
> rendering buffer and shove them over the wire".  VNC itself is rooted,
> but vnc-like remoting can be rooted or rootless.  In wayland the
> fundamental object of composition is a whole window, so you have
> scrapeable surfaces both at the window level and at the top level.  Take
> your pick.

I hope no one is assuming there the pixels remote-side have the same
properties as the pixels local-side (size, form factor, alignment,
color-correction, etc) and we'll not get yet another display tech that
only works as long as there is a single screen model everyone uses.

Nicolas Mailhot

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