still a 2TB limit in F14 Anaconda, for LVM PV size

Hans de Goede hdegoede at
Fri Nov 12 08:28:06 UTC 2010


On 11/11/2010 08:54 PM, Eric Smith wrote:
> I just tried to install F14 on a new server with a 7.6 TB RAID (five
> Hitachi 2 TB drives on a 3ware 9750).  I was pleased to see that the
> disk partitioning interface in Anaconda recognized the array and didn't
> have a problem with the size, reporting it as 7629352 MB.  Unfortunately
> it won't let me create an LVM PV larger than 2 TB (2095151 MB).  And if
> I try to create two PVs, it limits them to 1 TB each.
> Is there any good reason to have this limit, or should I report it as a
> bug against Anaconda (or some other component)?

The problem is that msdos disklabels / partition tables stink. The solution
is to use a gpt partition table. anaconda defaults to creating a msdos
disklabel when no disklabel is found on non EFI machines, because not all
BIOS' will boot from gpt labelled disks. Anaconda will use an existing
gpt disklabel if found. So the solution / workaround in your case is
to create a gpt disklabel before running the installer.

Boot the installer into rescue mode and run
parted /dev/<path-to-entire-disk>

And in parted do:
mklabel gpt

The reboot into the regular installer and you should be able to use the entire
disk <note this will destroy everything which you currently have on the disk>.

I guess that maybe anaconda needs to be changed to create a gpt disklabel
when the disk > 2TB, and no disklabel is present.

Which leaves the question did anaconda create the disklabel or was one already
present (iow did it ask to initialize the disk)?

Anyways the proper place to further discuss this is in a bugzilla ticket.


Hans (ex anaconda developer)

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