sched_autogroup interactivity patch for the desktop

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Wed Nov 17 10:03:42 UTC 2010


I've been reading and actually Lennart
has put some solid thoughts and arguments there and IMHO it was *somehow*
pretty convincing that this should be done at user-space, in conjunction
with tools such as systemd, albeit introducing more complexity in form of
configuration infrastructure and whatnot.

Having this being done automatically by the kernel looks really easy and yet
promising. The downside of it is that it just feels like it's something
rigged towards a special class of applications (TTY based, build jobs) and
would act behind the scene without user-space knowing (explicitly) about
this classification, cgroups being spawned and subtasks associated to them.

Still, It would be nice to have this differentiation in place, being
implemented in either forms, since it brings a certain win for the desktop
user and developer. I think having a term open for churning code is part (or
a possible user-case) of the desktop experience :)


2010/11/17 Michał Piotrowski <mkkp4x4 at>

> Hi,
> 2010/11/16 Ilyes Gouta <ilyes.gouta at>:
> > Hi,
> >
> > patch:
> > Can we have this patch back ported into the current kernel for Fedora 14
> and
> > possibly posted as an update? :)
> Let me guess - Canonical already announced (or will do so within the
> next few hours) that they will use this patch in the new Ubuntu :)
> > Would be wonderful!
> Surely this would be
> > -Ilyes
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