sched_autogroup interactivity patch for the desktop

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Wed Nov 17 11:31:27 UTC 2010

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 5:03 AM, Ilyes Gouta <ilyes.gouta at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been reading and actually Lennart
> has put some solid thoughts and arguments there and IMHO it was *somehow*
> pretty convincing that this should be done at user-space, in conjunction
> with tools such as systemd, albeit introducing more complexity in form of
> configuration infrastructure and whatnot.
> Having this being done automatically by the kernel looks really easy and yet
> promising. The downside of it is that it just feels like it's something
> rigged towards a special class of applications (TTY based, build jobs) and
> would act behind the scene without user-space knowing (explicitly) about
> this classification, cgroups being spawned and subtasks associated to them.
> Still, It would be nice to have this differentiation in place, being
> implemented in either forms, since it brings a certain win for the desktop
> user and developer. I think having a term open for churning code is part (or
> a possible user-case) of the desktop experience :)

Being entirely serious, you should have sent this email on the thread
you indicated.  Sending it to this list isn't going to really benefit
the discussion that needs to happen.


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