[Guidelines Change] Changes to the Packaging Guidelines

Tom "spot" Callaway tcallawa at redhat.com
Wed Nov 17 14:23:49 UTC 2010

Here are the list of recent changes to the Fedora Packaging Guidelines:

D Packaging Guidelines have been added:


The Java Packaging Guidelines have been revised:


The Guideline that explains how and when to require base packages has
been substantially revised.  The old language focused on -devel packages
and left other subpackages to the imagination of the reader.  The update
has more generic advice and uses -devel and -libs packages as examples.



The perl guidelines have been updated with additional examples and
clarifications.  Specifically, the Directory ownership, requires and
provides, and testing sections have seen wording changes:



A guideline was added explaining the %pretrans scriptlet and requiring
that if used it must be written in Lua.



A note was added about additional checks obtained by running rpmlint on
installed packages.



These guidelines (and changes) were approved by the Fedora Packaging
Committee (FPC).

Many thanks to Alexander Kurtakov, Jonathan Mercier, Stanislav
Ochotnicky and all of the members of the FPC, for assisting in drafting,
refining, and passing these guidelines.

As a reminder: The Fedora Packaging Guidelines are living documents! If
you find something missing, incorrect, or in need of revision, you can
suggest a draft change. The procedure for this is documented here:


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