Fixing the glibc adobe flash incompatibility

John Reiser jreiser at
Wed Nov 17 21:16:42 UTC 2010

On 11/17/2010 12:41 PM, Emmanuel Seyman wrote:
> 2) Issues found in proprietary software cannot be fixed by anybody except
>    the vendor

False.  In this particular case, it is possible to binary edit the plugin so that all its calls to memcpy become calls to memmove.
The change is to copy the .st_name field from the symbol for memmove to the
.st_name field of the symbol for memcpy, which creates another instance
of memmove.   With that one 32-bit change, then the player will work.
Memmove can be a few percent slower than memcpy, but nobody will notice.

If the plugin did not have a reference to memmove already, then on x86_64
an impostor can be created by introducing the name "memmove\0" at
&{DT_NULL}.d_un.  This is a generic work-around for this particular
issue with memcpy on x86_64.


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