Fixing the glibc adobe flash incompatibility

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at
Thu Nov 18 08:53:21 UTC 2010

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 01:16:42PM -0800, John Reiser wrote:
> On 11/17/2010 12:41 PM, Emmanuel Seyman wrote:
> > 2) Issues found in proprietary software cannot be fixed by anybody except
> >    the vendor
> False.  In this particular case, it is possible to binary edit the plugin
> so that all its calls to memcpy become calls to memmove.
> The change is to copy the .st_name field from the symbol for memmove to the
> .st_name field of the symbol for memcpy, which creates another instance
> of memmove.   With that one 32-bit change, then the player will work.
> Memmove can be a few percent slower than memcpy, but nobody will notice.

Doesn't flash use some (in-)security scheme which involves
checksumming its own binary?  I vaguely thought that was how the
BBC iPlayer DRM works ...


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