Fixing the glibc adobe flash incompatibility

Richard Zidlicky rz at
Fri Nov 19 09:39:43 UTC 2010

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 06:28:58PM +0100, Kevin Kofler wrote:

thanks for looking at it.

> > However for some of the reports it is only the matter of someone looking
> > at them as they contain the obvious solution to the problem.
> > 
> >
> >
> The solution is not obvious at all: to include firmware, we need a license 
> which allows that in the first place. The Ubuntu mailing list link you 
> posted to one of your reports does not include any actual license, only 
> talks about some license existing somewhere (which don't even tell us 
> whether that license is acceptable for Fedora in the first place – we're 
> quite tolerant when it comes to firmware licenses, but there are some 
> restrictions which are unacceptable even for firmware, e.g. forbidding any 
> commercial use).
> Plus, this is not actually an issue with Free Software, but with the lack of 
> some proprietary firmware.

it is against free in kernel drivers and the bugs have been rotting in bugzilla 
for the lifecycle of F11 and F12 without anyone even asking for info or anything.

> And finally, those bugs should be filed against linux-firmware, not kernel.

I will file it with the correct package the next time when I confirm this is still 
an issue.


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