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Sat Nov 20 21:14:39 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-11-20 at 20:30 +0100, Miloslav Trmač wrote:
> Adam Williamson píše v So 20. 11. 2010 v 08:44 -0800: 
> > I really don't see how you can say that testing updates is a 'waste of
> > time' with a straight face. It *takes* time, yes. It may be boring
> > sometimes, yes. But a waste of time? Do you write your code perfectly
> > first time, every time?
> That is not the relevant question.  As is apparent, we don't have an
> infinite amount of manpower that we can choose to use or not to use on
> testing.  When you are asking package maintainers to test the packages,
> you are implicitly asking them to give up doing something else, which is
> likely to be actually fixing of previously reported bugs.
> If the "something else" is more important than testing the update,
> testing the updates truly is a waste of time.

I don't disagree with anything you say, but the question of what's more
important than testing an update is key. If an update's worth doing,
it's worth testing. This is pretty simple, and amply demonstrated by
Fedora history: if we allow people to push untested packages as official
updates to stable releases, we will break those stable releases, and
people who use them will be badly affected.

If you don't think you can find a single person to test an update you're
about to make, ask yourself if it's actually worth doing the update.
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