Fedora 15, new and exciting plans

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Sun Nov 21 02:19:13 UTC 2010

Adam Williamson wrote:
> On the positive side, it doesn't do anything terribly complicated, it
> just ships a single HAL rules file which does this:
>         <append key="info.capabilities"
>         type="strlist">access_control</append> <merge
>         key="access_control.file"
>                type="copy_property">linux.device_file</merge>
>         <merge key="access_control.type" type="string">libconcord</merge>
>       </match>
> for a bunch of different devices (all the various supported remotes). I
> don't know exactly what that is, but I can't imagine it'd be terribly
> hard to port to udev or something for anyone who does know about it.

That stuff ALREADY doesn't work and hasn't for a couple releases, ACL 
support has been disabled in Fedora's HAL builds!

        Kevin Kofler

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