Fixing the glibc adobe flash incompatibility

Roberto Ragusa mail at
Sun Nov 21 13:07:17 UTC 2010

Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Richard Zidlicky wrote:
>> However for some of the reports it is only the matter of someone looking
>> at them as they contain the obvious solution to the problem.
> The solution is not obvious at all: to include firmware, we need a license 

Ok, what about this one? Is this not obvious?

After you spend half a day trying to understand why the fine installer
is not making you the favor to do its work, you find the cause, you
workaround the issue (by modifying py anaconda code _live_ and running
a second instance on another tty), you open a bug and explain everything
with all details, you just get a reply with a mildly disguised attempt
to say that it is your fault.

Then the bug is ignored (one months passed, 12 months left until
self destruction).

   Roberto Ragusa    mail at

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