Updates Criteria Summary/Brainstorming

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Mon Nov 22 20:29:45 UTC 2010

Here's the latest list of ideas culled from this thread. 

Note: these are NOT my ideas, I am just gathering them up so fesco can
discuss them. 

Feel free to add more concrete ideas, or let me know if I missed one
you had posted. If folks could avoid "me too" or posts that contain no
new information it would be easier for me to gather the actual
ideas. ;) 

I've split things into "General", "Security", "Critpath" and "non
security/critpath" to help organize them. 

Keep the ideas coming... 


* Just drop all the requirements/go back to before we had any updates

* back off current setup until autoqa is ready, see what we want to do after that lands. 

* Change FN-1 to just security and major bugfix. Nothing else allowed. 

* allow packages with a %check section to go direct to stable.

* setup a remote test env that people could use to test things.

* require testing only for packages where people have signed up to be testers.

* Ask maintainers to provide test cases / test cases in wiki for each package

* have a way to get interested testers notified on bodhi updates for packages
they care about.

* reduced karma requirement on other releases when one has gone stable

* aggregated karma across the releases for the same package version.

* PK updates-testing integration of some kind. 

* allow anon karma to count. 

* setup fedora-qa package or group to more easily bring up more testers. 

Security updates: 

* allow security updates to go direct to stable

* ask QA to commit to testing security updates

* allow timeout for security updates before going to stable. 

Critpath updates: 

* allow critpath timeout for going to stable. 

Non critpath/security: 

* reduce timeout for non critpath from 7 to 3 days. 

* change default autokarma to 2 or 1. 

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