The new Update Acceptance Criteria are broken

"Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" johannbg at
Tue Nov 23 08:31:15 UTC 2010

On 11/23/2010 06:51 AM, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> IMO, the real problem is not "backports" vs. "upgrading" to "fix bugs",
> it's bugs not getting fixed in Fedora, for a variety of reasons.
> Therefore, I consider trying to apply any such simple "policy" to be
> impossible and naive.

Agreeable logical conclusion.

The underlying problem needs to get address and fixed first.

I proposed this as a possible long term solution in one rough possible 
way a bit back on a different list to try to address the underlying 
issue but I did not receive any feedback on that proposal.

1. Improve the general standard of packagers ( need to at least have 
upstream bugzilla account and are part of or in good communication with 
the upstream community )
2  Allow for a adjusting period when it's over revoke the rights from 
those that already have but do not full fill this requirements. Package 
goes up for grabs or gets dropped.
2. Allow all maintainers to touch every component in Fedora note that 
maintainer that brought the component to Fedora is still responsible for 
his components.
3. Gather what information from all those maintainers we have in the 
community what their code skill are and in which language and what skill 
level their expertise is.
4. Assemble a "bug fixing task force" ( can be per language ) to target 
component ( including testers if needed ).
5. Assign a component to the "bug fixing task force" and assign a time 
period they should spend looking at the bugs on that component and 
fixing them could be a day a week a month starting from critical path 
and onwards.
6. Assign interns ( students home hackers and what not ) to tag along 
the bug fixing task force and learn a few things..

Note that there could be several bug fixing task force working at the 
same time but in different programming language and based on what skill 
level they have as newbies could take the first rounds tackle the easy 
fixers push what they cant fix to the medium team which then goes 
through it if they cant handle it they push it on to the heavy hitters 
who will strike upon it with furious vengeance and squash that bug to a 
different dimension..

If and when something like above is ready then we can start small with 
procedure we know.

create "proven $language coders" groups which maintainers sign up for

Reverse the roles of testers and maintainers and host a "bug squash day!"

QA decide which components needs addressing and contacts the relevant 
"proven $language coders".

Triagers run through the bugs list on the component the day(s) before 
and create a tracker bug with all the valid reports

"proven $language coders" run through tracker bug list

Testers stand ready on the sidelines during the code fiesta.

Hopefully bunch of bugs get squashed and users live happily ever after 
or we find out this idea was great on paper but crap on field and we 
return back to the drawing board..


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