New gtk-vnc slower?

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Fri Nov 26 01:10:48 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-11-24 at 22:05 -0700, Jerry James wrote:
> I have a collection of virtual machines that I use to test
> cross-platform compatibility of some code I'm developing.  Today, the
> virtual machine I was working on kept getting slower and slower
> whenever a window refresh was needed.  It got to the point that
> refreshing a terminal window was taking nearly half a second per line.
>  My eyes could easily track the refresh going on.  Moving a window was
> impossible, as I could see the entire window being redrawn, pixel by
> pixel, and it would just keep going long after I had released the
> mouse.  Keys were repeating right and left, probably because of a
> sequence like <KeyDown, refresh action that takes a really long time,
> KeyUp>.
> I shut everything down, logged out, and even rebooted, to see if it
> was some weird behavior caused by a recent update that had only partly
> taken effect.  When I started my VM back up, it was very snappy.  But
> then, over time, it got a little slower and a little slower, until
> eventually I was back to watching refreshes happen line by line again.
> This never happened before today.  I looked through the recent updates
> my machine has received.  All I can see that might be relevant was an
> update to gtk-vnc-0.4.2-1.fc14.x86_64.  The machine in question is a
> quad-core Intel with 8GB of RAM and an Nvidia video card of some kind.
>  (Sorry, should have checked which one before leaving work.)  The host
> is fine; it's just the virtual machines I open with virt-manager that
> are affected.  I tried several, and they're all behaving like this
> today, which argues for the problem being on the host side.
> Is anybody else seeing this?  Is there any other component besides
> gtk-vnc that I should examine as a possible source of the slowdown?

VMs have been behaving like this for me in Rawhide at least for a while.
Ever since I went from F14 to Rawhide. Not sure about F14.
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