reintroducing Japanese in manual pages

Jan Vcelak jvcelak at
Fri Nov 26 11:50:44 UTC 2010


thanks to great work of Daiki Ueno and Colin Watson, we are reintroducing 
Japanese support in groff and therefore in manual pages!

Japanese was never supported by upstream. In the times of groff 1.18 (released 
in February 2002), there were very huge and unmaintainable patches adding 
Japanese. These were dropped with F13 and we switched to groff 1.20 (released 
in January 2009).

groff-1.20.1-3.fc15 brings new set of patches created by Colin Watson, who 
added character class support; and Daiki Ueno, who made groff to determine 
glyph width using wcwidth(). Upstream has some remarks to these patches, but 
we hope we manage to get them included.

I'm not aware of any other distribution using groff 1.20 with working 
Japanese. Kudos to Fedora! ;-)

Jan Včelák
Base Operating Systems Brno
Red Hat Inc.

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