F15 Feature - convert as many service init files as possible to the native SystemD services

Frank Ch. Eigler fche at redhat.com
Fri Nov 26 17:21:32 UTC 2010

Miloslav =?UTF-8?Q?Trma=C4=8D?= <mitr at volny.cz> writes:

> [...]  If the system integrates everything into one process, the
> only remaining troubleshooting mechanisms are integrated logging
> [...], debugger [...]  and systemtap (only a little better than a
> debugger, and not available for most programs).

To clarify, systemtap is "available for most programs" on fedora, to
the extent that most C or C++ programs can be probed with systemtap,
including those without <sys/sdt.h> compiled-in stuff.  For example:

   probe process("a.out").function("foobar") { log($$parms$$) }
   probe process("a.out").statement("*@file.c:100-200") { log($$vars$$) }

There is also some support for interpreters like java and python too.

- FChE

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