old_testing_critpath notifications

Petr Pisar ppisar at redhat.com
Mon Nov 29 09:56:56 UTC 2010


Few days ago I started to get very usefull notifications that my
critical package, mingetty-1.08-6.fc13, `has been in 'testing' status
for over 2 weeks, and has yet to be approved.'

I doubt such mails help me as the package maintainer, because according
current Updates policy
<https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Updates_Policy#Updates_to_.27critical_path.27_packages>, I can only wait to some (proven) testers to test my package.

I think better place to send such allerts is proven-testers mailing list
/ alias (does not exist amazingly) or
<test-announce at lists.fedoraproject.org> mailing list.

I'd like to request persons reposnsible for forcing and implementing
Update Policy and bodhi notification system to re-eavaluate current
configuration in spot of this concerns and to make package update
process more friendly for all involved people.

-- Petr

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