memcpy overlap: quickly detect, diagnose, work around

Matt McCutchen matt at
Tue Nov 30 01:29:03 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-11-29 at 16:08 -0800, John Reiser wrote:
> On 11/29/2010 03:44 PM, Matt McCutchen wrote:
> > What is the mass addition of commented curly braces for?  It is
> > distracting from the substance of the patch.

> Those comments enable parenthesis matching in some text editors.
> The scoping of conditional compilation in sysdeps/x86_64/multiarch/strcmp.S
> was complicated enough that I needed help figuring it out.
> Indeed, it was complicated enough to help conceal a bug.

I see.  Still, you could split the patch into one that just adds
commented curly braces to existing code and a second with the
substantive changes, which would be easier for anyone interested to


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