[HEADS-UP] Moving /var/run and /var/lock to tmpfs in Rawhide

Paul Howarth paul at city-fan.org
Tue Nov 30 22:25:51 UTC 2010

On Tue, 30 Nov 2010 17:01:16 -0500
Tom Lane <tgl at redhat.com> wrote:

> Paul Howarth <paul at city-fan.org> writes:
> > Paul Wouters <paul at xelerance.com> wrote:
> >> Can't selinux pickup things without a restorecon? And what is the
> >> problem another (root) process screwing over a pid or lock file?
> >> Can't SElinux lock that down from the /var/run level?
> > /var/run is var_run_t in targeted policy, but hardly anything below
> > /var/run is - almost every subdir/file has its own context type.
> > Just creating a file/directory within /var/run using the initscript
> > will inherit the var_run_t, which in most cases is not what's
> > needed, hence the need for restorecon.
> > Having the daemon create the file/dir works better because there
> > will be a type transition defined in policy that results in the
> > correct context type being used.
> That comment suggests you don't even understand the reason why those
> subdirectories exist.  It's this: the daemons do not, and should not,
> run with the root privileges needed to create things directly in
> /var/run.  The point of a subdirectory is to be owned by the
> lower-privilege account under which the particular daemon is running.
> If the subdir has to be remade at runtime, that has to be done by the
> root-privilege initscript, because /var/run is only writable by root.

Except for the cases where the daemon starts as root in order to do
things like bind to privileged ports, create subdir under /var/run for
its own purposes, write a pidfile to /var/run etc. and then drop
privileges like a good daemon should...


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