Mono 2.8 now built... but...

Paul F. Johnson paul at
Sun Oct 3 11:31:15 UTC 2010


I've finally managed to get mono-2.8 to build and it wasn't easy. A
tonne of things have changed, the biggest is that .NET 1.1 has gone.
Completely gone. 'tis no more!

If you have anything reliant on .NET 1.1, you will need to rebuild. I've
uploaded the source rpms to

They build fine on my x86 box, YRMV, but let me know of any build

I've not put it into rawhide yet as I'd rather people build first then
we can do a mass update rather than have a pile of broken deps.

I've not built any of the other parts of mono yet, they'll come


- Bump to preview 8 of 2.8 release
- Remove .NET 1.1 code
- Update ppc threading patch
- Update patch1 and 5 and rename
- Combine patches 2 and 7 (why two libdir patches?)
- Remove jay from the install step
- Realise that spelling is quite imporgtint...
- Big changes to the spec file to bring it into line with Novell's fixes
- New mvc, mvc-devel and winfx subpackages
- Some parts of the mono-web subpackage moved to mvc
- Fix the macro which looked for 1.0 things
- Remove and obsoletes mono-jscript
- Remove and obsolete data-sybase and data-firebird
- Modify macros to make sense now the 1.0 stuff has gone
- Extend the 4.0 subpackage to include lots of new stuff

If you have anything reliant on mono-jscript, mono-data-sybase and
mono-data-firebird, they're gone.

Please try and build, let me know of any problems though.

Vertraue mir, ich weiss, was ich mache...

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