docbook and glibc breakage [STILL BREAKING EVERYTHING]

Jaroslav Skarvada jskarvad at
Mon Oct 4 09:42:57 UTC 2010

> I don't care if [[:space:]] is the POSIX correct behavior or not, all
> I know is every single build I've sent to build for F14 is failing.

AFAIK this is required by POSIX. The character class (e.g. [:space:] can be used only in bracketed expression, e.g. [[:space:]])
To clear the confusion, there is no change in the RE syntax in grep-2.7. The old grep silently interprets all these REs the way that probably nobody intended to, e.g.

The [:space:] match:

that is obviously not what is wanted in most cases. Probably all of such typos detected by grep-2.7 are bugs, that should be fixed, because it leads to incorrect/buggy behaviour of scripts (with any version of grep).

I noticed that this change was confused by The 583011 was fixed only in rawhide.

Also in case it is impossible to fix all these typos, I am ready to revert to 2.6. Feel free to comment on: But I think the revert is not good solution. Please note that the grep-2.7 was pushed some time ago as bug fix update and it passed critical path testing by proven testers with karma of 3. Probably nobody (including me) realized what could happened and how many packages are broken.


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