ethtool not in default system anymore?

Chris Adams cmadams at
Wed Oct 13 00:38:20 UTC 2010

Once upon a time, Michael Cronenworth <mike at> said:
> Chris Adams wrote:
> > Maybe ethtool should be added to @Base?
> Or patch initscripts to use ethtool instead of deprecated cruft.

You cut out the part of my email where I quoted the changelog showing
that had already been done.

The net-tools package should be included anyway (although maybe without
mii-tool), as it includes commonly used tools like ifconfig, arp, route,
hostname, netstat, etc.  Even if some of those commands are obsoleted by
ip, they are pretty much required for compatiblity.  net-tools also has
ether-wake for sending wake-on-LAN packets.

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