HEADS UP: KDE/Qt update intentions in Fedora 13 (RFC)

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Wed Oct 20 12:02:49 UTC 2010

Hi (from the evil KDE SIG;-),
we're going to update KDE Plasma Workspaces in Fedora 13 to 4.5.x series. It 
took some time but we're now pretty sure that it's in a good condition.

The question is (we agreed on KDE SIG meeting yesterday) - should we update Qt 
to 4.7 too or build KDE stack with current 4.6 series? As there are a few Qt 
packages outside of KDE SIG/Qt maintainers scope, we'd like to hear any 
objections against update - bugs we can fix etc. Qt 4.7 is quite well tested, 
thanks to work on Fedora 14 (Qt 4.7 is already included) and a lot of users are 
actually using this combination in Fedora 13. 

If I put on my Fedora WebKit SIG hat - there are two big +++ for update:
1. newer QtWebKit makes browser's user experiences much more better
2. it's going to be much more easier to backport security issues to Fedora 13 
and we care of security issues - WebKit can be quite vulnerable... 

Most changes in Qt 4.7 are in mobile development area and new features like Qt 

On the other hand, it could slow down KDE update and it will need more rebuilds.

Is it worth? Any objections from Qt devels? Please comment...

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