-frecord-gcc-switches as default CFLAG?

Jon Stanley jonstanley at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 06:24:02 UTC 2010

I noticed on my Fedora 13 box that in the RPM macro %__global_cflags
that -frecord-gcc-switches is missing, which is a nifty compiler
feature that will record the flags passed to gcc in a section in the
object file, thus aiding in the "how in the world was this compiled?"
problem. An example:

[jstanley at hawtness ~]$ gcc -O2 -frecord-gcc-switches -g -o hello hello.c
[jstanley at hawtness ~]$ readelf -p .GCC.command.line hello

String dump of section '.GCC.command.line':
  [     0]  hello.c
  [     8]  -mtune=generic
  [    17]  -g
  [    1a]  -O2
  [    1e]  -frecord-gcc-switches

What do folks think about adding this as a default? Any reason not to
(other than possibly a few bytes extra in the object files)?

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