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Jesse Keating jkeating at redhat.com
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On 8/31/10 5:16 PM, Steve Dickson wrote:
> I guess I don't understand why all this state is needed to simply
> lay down the tar ball and apply the current patches... The tar ball
> and patches have nothing to do with the version of Fedora or 
> the state of a repo... To me, it seems like such a simple process 
> that state or objects or whatever should not be needed... 

Because packages function differently (including what patches to apply)
depending on Fedora / RHEL versions, etc..  These are discovered by
reading the macros which may be in the spec files.  Therefor we need to
have those defined properly before we call rpm (the Makefile system did
this too).

The difference between the Make system and fedpkg is that the Make
system relied upon the name of the directory you happened to be in, and
a file in ../common/ that translated the directory name and figured out
rpm defines.  Since local clones can be in any directory you want,
fedpkg cannot rely upon this.  We need to know what remote branch your
clone is tracking in order to determine what fedora you are targeting.
That's why your git repo has to be in a healthy state.

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