fedpkg prep

Tom Lane tgl at redhat.com
Wed Sep 1 13:59:16 UTC 2010

Matt McCutchen <matt at mattmccutchen.net> writes:
> I personally don't like fedpkg doing magic based on the name of the VCS
> branch I am on and would use a "branch" file.  I don't see what the big
> deal is about having the branches identical; I think seeing the
> difference in the "dist" value could actually be a helpful reminder.

Actually, the branches *can't* be identical, in practically every
nontrivial case, because (if nothing else) the %changelog will diverge.
If you're copying log entries into a branch where those changes did not
actually happen, you are not doing the right thing.

As Matt said, this sort of difference shouldn't hurt the ability to
merge or cherrypick diffs from one branch to another.

			regards, tom lane

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